We can offer professional accounting services. The quality of our services is maintained through experience and close contact with client.
  • Registration of accounting documents (invoices, purchase receipts etc.)
  • Reporting VAT
  • Bank payments. By setting out the payments to us, you can save a lot of time: you will not have to punch all the data manually and will avoid the mistakes typing long account and KID numbers.
  • Payment reconciliations.
  • Keeping fixed assets registers.
  • On-going communication with the client, providing necessary information with respect to all current issues

Salary and wages

We ensure that salary calculation is correct and comes at the right time. Regulations in this area is relatively extensive and constantly changes of laws and tariffs occurs.
  • Calculation and payments of salaries according employment contracts and law
  • Registration of travel expenses and compensation of expenses
  • Creation, maintenance and update of payroll database
  • Sending reports to tax authorities (A-melding) etc.
  • Preparing year-end balance confirmation
  • Preparing of year-end financial statements
  • Cooperation with the client auditors with respect to services rendered
  • Reporting of tax
  • Reporting VAT
  • Payment of tax and VAT

Establishment of companies

  • We help to establish all kind of companies that can operate in Norway: Enkeltpersonforetak, AS, DA, ANS, KS, NUF,
  • Help with preparation of establishment documentation: protocols and reports from board meeting and general assembly.

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